Hypnosis Mic Me Against The World

Hypnosis Mic Me Against The World

Hypnosis Mic Me Against The World

Lady (from TV): The victor of the Mad Trigger Crew vs. Matenrou battle has been determined to be Matenrou! As the victor, Matenrou will receive a reward and until the next division rap battle-

[TV turns off]

[pulls back curtains]

Jakurai: We were somehow able to win, however, Samatoki’s team… has quite the skill. We were able to win by a hair’s breadth this time, but what of the next time? It wouldn’t be odd if Ichiro-kun’s or Amemura-kun’s teams won; that’s how close we were in terms of power.


Jakurai: If The Dirty Dawg made one last stand, perhaps Chuuouku would…

Jakurai: (laughs) I haven’t truly forgiven him yet, what am I thinking?

[doorbell rings]

Hifumi: Sensei~ Morning~ Are you awake~?

Doppo: Hifumi! Stop that! What if he’s still asleep?!

[walks towards door]

[opens door]

Jakurai: Good morning, you two. Whatever is the matter?

Hifumi: Sensei! We really did win, right?! It wasn’t a dream, right?!

Doppo: S-Sorry, Sensei. Ever since he woke up, he’s been like this the whole time. He said that he wouldn’t believe it until he confirmed it with you.

Jakurai: Haha. It’s all thanks to the hard work of you two. There is no mistaking it, we are the champions.

Hifumi: For reeeeaaals?!?! Yahoo!

Doppo: Hifumi! There are other guests! Don’t shout!

Jakurai: Let’s not talk while standing. Feel free to enter.

Hifumi: Thanks much, Sensei!

Doppo: I’m sorry. Pardon the intrusion.

Hifumi: Wooow! No freakin’ way, we’re the champs~!

Doppo: Even after one night, it still doesn’t feel real.

[Jakurai places two cups down]

Jakurai: It’s coffee, please have some if you’d like.

Doppo: Thank you very much.

Hifumi: Thankies!


Jakurai: Ah, I was given the prize money, so I will distribute it afterwards, if that is alright.

Hifumi: That was quick… By the way, how much was the prize money?

Jakurai: One hundred million. [1]

[Doppo spit take]

Doppo: A h-h-h-h-h-hundred million?!

Jakurai: It doesn’t split well three ways, I am fine taking 30 million. I will hand each of you 35 million then.

Hifumi: Thanks much! It’s easy money, so I wonder what present I should get for my customers~

Doppo: Thirty five…million…close to six years’ worth of my annual salary…

Hifumi: Oh yeah, don’t we get supremacy over other divisions too?

Jakurai: That’s right. Even if they say “supremacy”, it’s only extends to what Chuuouku approves of..

Doppo: E-Even so, it’s supremacy. Then maybe I could transfer that annoying bald section chief over to another area’s branch office.

Hifumi: Uwahhh, Doppo-chin’s savage~

Jakurai: Doppo-kun, saying that is—

Doppo: N-No, no, Sensei. It was a joke, a joke…! A-Ahahahah…

Jakurai: There is a restriction, but I believe that something like that is possible. That is why I have a proposal, would you like to hear it?

Hifumi & Doppo: Wassit? / Yes.

Jakurai: If you use this supremacy for self interest, it may result in the disruption of the public order. However, the reverse is also possible.

Doppo: Meaning that…if it’s used for good, public order can be assured…?

Jakurai: Yes. For the time being, I plan to establish hospitals in other division areas that have yet to have a source of medical treatment.

Hifumi: That’s true. Ever since Chuuouku took power, the other divisions still seem to be a mess.

Jakurai: It is not definite that we will win the next tournament. That is why, should we not use it rightfully with no regrets?

Hifumi & Doppo: Yup, agreed! / Yes, of course.

Jakurai: Ha. Thank you, the two of you.

Jakurai: Now then, you must still be tired from yesterday, so please return home and rest well—

Hifumi: (interrupting) Like we’d let you say something like that, Sensei! Let’s have a celebratory party today!

Doppo: Hey, hey, hey, Hifumi! Sensei is tired. At least change it to a different day—

Jakurai: Doppo-kun, you needn’t worry about me. Hifumi-kun, since we might as well, let’s do it!

Hifumi: Yay! Then come by our apartment. We’ll cook up some food!

Doppo: Eh? I can’t cook!

Hifumi: Hahahaha! No prob, no prob! Doppo-chin, it’s fine if you just help me out.

Doppo: Well if it’s that much… I think even I can do it.

Jakurai: I’m looking forward to your cooking.

Hifumi & Doppo: Yes.

Jakurai: Then, please leave ahead of me.

Doppo: Eh? Are you not going home yet?

Jakurai: Yes, I just have somewhere to be after this…

Hifumi: OK~ Then see ‘ya laters! ‘Kay, Doppo-chin, off we go~!

[Hifumi walks off and grabs Doppo along]

Doppo: H-Hey, Hifumi, don’t drag me!

Hifumi: It’s fine, it’s fine! Let’s go~

[door closes]

Jakurai: What happened at the staff seating during yesterday’s battle…I wonder if Ichiro-kun and Samatoki-kun noticed it.

Juto: sigh…

Riou: Why are you sighing?

Juto: Of course I’d be sighing in this situation. We were called over by Samatoki so early in the morning. It’s probably about yesterday’s defeat.

Riou: Hmm. That is true. But even so, why are you sighing?

Juto: “Why?” Don’t you understand? It’s Samatoki. He’s just going to end up unreasonably attacking us. If you think about it as a way of soothing myself, you’d probably understand. (sigh)

Riou: Hmm. I thought about it, but I couldn’t understand. I request further instruction.

Juto: It was wrong of me to think that you could understand. Please forget it.

Riou: Is that so? Then I’ll forget about it.

Juto: (sigh…)

[doorbell rings]

Samatoki: Oh. It’s unlocked, so come in.

[door opens]

Juto: We’re coming in.

Riou: Pardon us.

[door closes]

Samatoki: My bad for calling ya so early.

Juto: Eh—uh—y-yes. It’s no problem—at all.

Riou: Yes. No problem for me.

Samatoki: Then I’m glad. So why are you guys just standing there? Go sit already.

Juto: O-Okay.

Riou: Hm.

[Juto & Riou sit]

Samatoki: You good with coffee?

Juto: Y-yeah, thank you.

Riou: Yes, I’ll have a cup.

Samatoki: Okay.

Juto: Wh…What’s happening? Rather than raging, he’s in a good mood.

[places two cups down]

Samatoki: Here, drink up.

[Riou drinks]

Riou: Oh, it’s good.

Samatoki: Ahaha. If I’m the one makin’ coffee, it’s pro-level.

[Juto drinks]

Juto: He’s right, it’s good.

Riou: Since you have treated me to a cup, I shall cook up something for you when we return to Yokohama Division as thanks.

Samatoki: S-sure. Go easy on me.

Juto: S-Samatoki, do you, do you have a fever?

[Juto tries to place hand on Samatoki’s forehead]

Samatoki (slaps hand back): The hell? I ain’t got a fever. Don’t go touching people’s foreheads whenever you want.

Juto: You…you’re not mad?

Samatoki: Huh? Why would I be mad?

Juto: I…I honestly though you’d be criticizing us for yesterday’s loss…

Samatoki: You stupid? No friggin’ way I’d be on your cases. Instead, I’m more grateful.

Juto: G-grateful? You are? To us?

Samatoki: Yeah. Up against Ichiro, and in the battle against Sensei, too. If you guys weren’t there, I wouldn’t be here doing this.

Samatoki: That’s why, y’know…thank you.

Juto: Eh…oh…yeah.

Riou: Gratitude is unnecessary. It was our fate to work together cooperatively. Also, if I had more power, this outcome wouldn’t have happened.

Samatoki: Same goes for me, too. Next time, we won’t lose.

Juto: Ahem. We really can’t stay in this state of loss.

Riou: I agree. Our territory was stolen. There is no way that we will retreat like this.

Samatoki: Haha, things are getting pretty interesting, aren’t they?

[phone rings]

Samatoki: Hm?…Sensei?

[answers phone]

Samatoki: Sensei, what’s up so suddenly after yesterday?

Jakurai: Samatoki-kun, there is something I wish to speak to you about. Can we speak in the lobby for a bit?

Samatoki: Talk? Is through the phone no good?

Jakurai: There’s something I’m a bit worried about…

Samatoki: Well, it’s fine. I’ll head down now.

Jakurai: Thank you. Then, I’ll see you shortly.

Riou: Is something the matter?

Samatoki: Sensei just called me for a bit. I’m headin’ down.

Juto: It’s almost check-out time. Make it quick. We can’t leave if we’re not gathered together after all.

Samatoki: Yeah, yeah.

[Samatoki leaves the room]

Juto: Jinguji Jakurai, huh. What on earth could he want to speak about?

[doorbell rings]

Ichiro: Heeey! Jiro, Saburo, you up?

[footsteps, door opens]

Jiro: Mornin’ Nii-chan…

Ichiro: Oh, morn— Wait, those are some serious panda eyes. Didn’t sleep?

Jiro: Ugh…ah, for now come inside.

Saburo: Oh, Ichinii…good morning.

Ichiro: Morning. The heck? You didn’t sleep either, Saburo?

Saburo: Ehehehe…

Ichiro: What’s up with you two?

Jiro: Yesterday’s championship match was a great battle, wasn’t it…

Ichiro: Yeah, that’s right. It was a super close decision.

Jiro: Seeing it…made me frustrated.

Saburo: If only we were just a bit stronger…we could have made it to the finals…

Saburo: I couldn’t sleep thinking about it…

Jiro: It’s because we held Nii-chan back…How pathetic…

Jiro: How pathetic…

Ichiro: Jiro…

Ichiro: Saburo…

Ichiro (lowers his head): I’m sorry.

Jiro & Saburo: Eh?

Ichiro: It’s my fault for letting you two think that. If I had fought harder, we wouldn’t have lost and you guys wouldn’t be so sad.

Saburo: Ichinii! P-Please stop!

Jiro: H-He’s right, Nii-chan!

Ichiro: No, listen to what I say till the end.

Ichiro: This time, I was so focused on Samatoki, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. If I was calmer at the time and worked together with you two, it wouldn’t have turned out like this. So, please stop blaming yourselves.

Jiro: Nii-chan…

Saburo: Ichinii…

Ichiro: You guys are improving every day. You made me feel that during the battle. You made me real proud out there. It made me think that I need to start working harder, too.

Jiro & Saburo: Oh…

Ichiro: So, next time let’s put our power together and definitely win. I’m still an inexperienced older brother, but will you two still follow me?

Jiro: Obviously! I’ll follow you anywhere!

Ichiro: Jiro…

Saburo: Of course! I won’t lose to you in terms of devotion.

Ichiro: Saburo…! Alright! This is our new start!

Jiro & Saburo: Yeah! / Yes!

[high five]

Jiro: But anyways, not being able to check-out unless we’re all together is such a pain.

Ichiro: Yeah, this is probably the expectations of Chuuouku.

Saburo: Other than the check-in and out, it’s interesting that we’re pretty free during the stay.

Jiro: It’s too early to check-out. *yawn* I want to sleep more.

Saburo: Tch. Like you should be saying that.

Jiro: Huh?! I can hear you, Saburo!

Saburo: Ahahaha! Your ears are pretty good for a imbecile! Gosh, I was sooo annoyed by Jiro last night.

Ichiro: What happened?

Saburo: Constantly grumbling to himself and pacing around and around…honestly, that was one of the reasons I couldn’t sleep.

Jiro: Hey!!! Damn you Saburo, what the hell are you saying?! We agreed to keep last night a secret! If that’s how you wanna play this, then I’ll expose your ass, too!

Saburo: Ugh!

Jiro: This kid kept crying and weeping under the covers!!!

Saburo: S-stop it!!!

Jiro: Haa!? The fuck are you doing!

Saburo: S-Shut up! I’ll shut that mouth of yours so you can’t speak ever again!

Jiro: Oh, oh, oh, bring it the fuck on! I’ll do the same fucking thing to you!

Saburo: Shut up, you idiot!

Jiro: You shut up, you idiot!

[phone rings]

[Jiro & Saburo continue to argue in the bg]

Ichiro: Hm? Jakurai-san?

Ichiro: Hey! I’m answering the phone so be quiet!

Jiro: S-sorry.

Saburo: I apologize.

Jiro: (under his breath) Dummy!

Saburo: (under his breath) Traitor!

[answers phone]

Ichiro: Hello?

Jakurai: Ichiro-kun, could you spare me a minute?

Ichiro: Yeah.

Jakurai: Can you come out to the lobby now?

Ichiro: Sure, but why?

Jakurai: There’s something I wish to speak about. It won’t take long.

Ichiro: Got it. Then I’ll head there now.

Jakurai: Thank you. Then, I’ll see you shortly.

[call ends]

————— (16:23)

Gentaro: Now then, it’s about time to leave.

Gentaro: Is that Dice still sleeping?

Dice: Zzz…zzz…

Dice: Ahaha…It’s a jackpot…I did it…I’m friggin’ rich…

[Gentaro walks towards Dice]

Gentaro: Such a carefree face. He must be having a good dream.

Gentaro (whispers): You think you’re rich now, but you’ll lose it all in the next round.

Dice: No, no way…Why did I go over there and lose it all…(weeping)

Gentaro: Ahahaha. Dice, you’re so simple.

Gentaro: Come on, Dice-han~ Wakey wakey~ It was a dream, it was all a dream~

Dice: Hah! A dream…?

Gentaro: Good morning, Dice.

Dice: M-morning. Gentaro, I had a hella bad dream.

Gentaro: What kind of dream?

Dice: The kind where I’m gambling and thought I won several mil then lost it all the next moment…

Gentaro: My goodness. But are you fine with it?

Dice: Fine with what?

Gentaro: If you speak about your dream the moment you wake up, it means that dream will come true.

Dice: Eh?! F-for real?!!!

Gentaro: Well, it’s just a lie.

Dice: Eh, a lie? Haaa…thank god, it’s a lie…

Gentaro: Oh? Are you not angry?

Dice: I’m so friggin’ relieved it’s a lie that I can’t get mad.

Gentaro: Alas, how quickly he turn’st mine heart to shame, methinks.

Dice: I have no fucking clue what you just said.

Gentaro: Now then, shall we stop playing here? Dice, please get ready to leave.

Dice: Hm? So it’s already that late?

[Dice gets out of bed]

Dice: If I had time, it would have been nice to get revenge on the gambling den.

Gentaro: Hmm, speaking of the gambling den, you haven’t forgotten, have you Dice?

Dice: What are you talking about?

Gentaro: Money. You owe me.


Gentaro: Why are you laughing, are you trying to dodge this?

Dice: Anyways, is it fine if we don’t go and wake up Ramuda?

Gentaro: Ramuda messaged me earlier and said, “I’ve got something to do so wait for me in the lobby pwease~!” End quote.

Dice: Huhhh, so there’s all sorts of leaders.

Gentaro: “All sorts,” indeed.

————— (19:45)

Samatoki: Tch. Last mug I ever hoped to see in the morning.

Ichiro: Samatoki…

[lights a cigarette]

Samatoki: Add “-san” to that, dumbass.

Ichiro: Why should I have to add “-san” to someone I don’t respect?

Samatoki: I’ll beat your ass again, right here, right now.

Samatoki: But it won’t change a damn thing, will it.

Ichiro: Tch.

Samatoki: What’s up with you? No comeback, wimp?

Ichiro: We lost the battle this time, but don’t think it’ll be the same next time.

Samatoki: Hah, I’ll do it however many times it takes.

Ichiro: Don’t get so used to your high horse, you…damn siscon!

[throws cigarette to the floor]


Ichiro: You, who else but you! Getting all defensive is just proof of it!

Samatoki: It’s true, that Nemu is cute as hell…That’s why I’m protecting her!

Ichiro: That’s called being a siscon!

Samatoki: Kh… Then, doesn’t that make you a brocon?!

Ichiro: Ugh! Huh?? I ain’t a brocon! I’m just raising them day by day to be men!

Samatoki: That’s being overprotective! That’s why those brats haven’t fucking grown!

Ichiro: Jiro and Saburo are so freakin’ cute…they’re the goddamn apples of my eyes!

Samatoki: That makes you a brocon!

Ichiro: Gugh… you damn siscon!

Samatoki: Huh, you fucking brocon?!

Ichiro: UUGGHhH!!

Samatoki: HAAA!!??

Ichiro: HAAA!!?? The fuck ya want!?

Samatoki: FUcking say it again!

Ichiro: Siscon.

Samatoki: You fucking said it now, yoU FUCKING BROCON!

Ichiro: HAAA!!??

Samatoki: HAAA!!??

Ichiro: Siscon!!!

Samatoki: Fucking come at me, bro!!!

[Ichiro & Samatoki continue to argue]

Jakurai: Please calm down, you two.

Samatoki: Tch.

Jakurai: I apologize for being late despite calling you. We don’t have that much time, so we will start immediately.

Ichiro: Alright.

[Samatoki lights another cigarette]

Jakurai: Nurude Sasara-kun. Harai Kuukou-kun. These two were at the final battle yesterday.

Ichiro & Samatoki: (shock)

Jakurai: You two used to be in your own teams with them, correct?

Samatoki: W-Why…

Jakurai: There were several other men that stood out.

Ichiro: Kuukou…is in Chuuouku?

Samatoki: Sasara…that bastard.

Jakurai: Additionally…there was also an old friend of mine there.

Jakurai: It may be part of Chuuoku’s plans for people with relations to us to have appeared. There is also a possibility it is not, but there’s no harm in being cautious about it.

Ichiro: (gasps)

Samatoki: Tch…

Jakurai: Also, about Amemura-kun…

Ichiro: Did something to Ramuda?

Jakurai: …No. Pardon me for even bringing it up. Please forget it.

Samatoki: It ain’t like you to—

Jakurai: However, there is one thing I wish for you to remember.

Jakurai: Please be careful of Amemura-kun.

Samatoki: That bastard Ramuda?

Ichiro: What do you mean—

Jiro: Nii-chan! It’s about time to leave!

Saburo: We also got your stuff!

Ichiro: Oh, thank you.

Juto: Jeez, I told you not to be too long, didn’t I?

Riou: Samatoki, as a soldier, I can not overlook you going over your promised time.

Samatoki: Tch. Shut up….

Jiro: Y-You guys are…

Saburo: Iruma Juto…Busujima Mason Riou.

Juto: Oh, if it isn’t the students. What a coincidence to be leaving together.

Jiro: Look down on us while you can. We won’t lose next time.

Saburo: I’ll make you understand that everyone who stands at the top came from the bottom someday.

Riou: Those are good eyes. Better than when we first met.

Doppo: Sensei, it’s almost time.

Hifumi: Sensei, your luggage. Are these all your belongings?

Jakurai: Thank you, you two. It took longer than I had expected.

Dice: Why’s everyone here?

Gentaro: My, my. Looks like everyone’s gathered together. Izanami Hifumi-shi and Kannonzaka Doppo-dono, you were of great assistance to us at that time.

Doppo: G-good morning.

Hifumi: Haha, excuse me for what happened back then.

Gentaro: Goodness…you’re rather different from how you appeared to me before.

Hifumi: I am me. But, that means that the other possible me has been captured by your eyes.

Gentaro: What is this man saying?

Hifumi: Hahaha! Ahahaha—

Doppo: Ah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. When this person wears a suit, his personality changes…

Gentaro: Haa, that story again? It sure smells fishy.

Dice: Like you have the right to call someone fishy. And you, Mr. White Collar, didn’t I tell you last time? You ain’t getting nothing from us, no matter how many times you say sorry.

Doppo: Hhh! I-I’m sorry.

Dice: Haa…Even if you and I were born again, we still wouldn’t get along.

Doppo: Ahaha…

Doppo: Even when a twenty year old makes fun of me, all I can do is lower my head, huh…Why am I like this…huh? …But wait. We were the ones that won…we came out on top, didn’t we? A-Alright…then I’ll do it. I’ll do it!

[Doppo walks towards Dice]

Doppo: H-Hey! You! I-I’ll show you how to…to speak to someone above y-

Dice: Huh?! Your voice is too damn quiet that I can’t hear what the fuck you’re saying!

Doppo: HhhYaaAA—!!! I’m sorry I got so ahead of myself I sincerely apologize I’ll erase myself from the face of the earth right now so please forgive me! (pants) I apologize for being born I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!

Hifumi: Haha! Doppo-kun, please calm down. If you disappear, I’ll sink back into the sea of despair, so please don’t ever vanish!

Doppo (bowing furiously): I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!

Jakurai: Now, you’ve said your greetings. Shall we go home? Then, until the next battle everyone.

Hifumi: Understood.

Doppo: Yes! Then, wherever we may meet next, Iruma-san.

Juto: Yes, next time, I won’t lose.

[Matenrou leaves]

Gentaro: Now, Dice. Let’s wait for Ramuda over there, shall we?

Dice: Yeah. Riou-san, I’ll come by for a meal again.

Riou: Yes, I’ll be waiting.

[Gentaro & Dice leave]

Juto: Now then, we should get going too.

Riou: Roger.

Samatoki: Ichiro. Your skills are the only ones I won’t recognize.

Ichiro: Hmph.

Samatoki: I will never forgive you for what you did to Nemu.


Ichiro: Me? Do something to Nemu-chan? What’s he talking about?

————— (28:11)

[door opens]

Ramuda: Hey hey~ Ichijuku-oneesan! It’s me! ♡

Ichijiku: Amemura, is it? Sit down over there.

Ramuda: ‘Kaaaaay~

Ichijiku: How were the battles this round?

Ramuda: Mm…waaaah! I wost!! Cheer me up pwease~

Ichijiku: Hmph. Do you know what happens when you mock me?

Ramuda: Ahaha~ you’ve got no sense of humor~ boooring!

Ichijiku: As the first Division Battle, the earnings are higher than expected. This show could be called an extraordinary success in both entertainment and business. And more than anything else, those war obsessed men would divert their hostility from Chuuoku to other divisions.

Ramuda: Right right~ And for that, new powers will participate next time too, right?

Ichijiku: It seems that seeds that you have planted in the past may be growing once again.

Ramuda: Yes, ma’am! I’m so great!

Ichijiku: Well, then. The next thing we’d like for you to do is…

————— (29:32)

Ramuda: ‘Kay~ I understand~!

Ichijiku: Very well. Complete the assignment immediately.

Ramuda: Alrighty! Oh right, the Hypnosis Canceler has been complete, right? Could that possibly also work on the new Hypnosis Microphones?

Ichijiku: Hmph. You will only get one answer from me: It is not something for you to know.

Ramuda: Eeeh?? Why won’t you give me an answer?

Ichijiku: Amemura, don’t get ahead of yourself. There are literally infinite amounts of replacements for you—

Ramuda: Onee-san, so scaaary!

[Ramuda hops off a chair or something]

Ramuda: Okay, Ichijuku-oneesan, see you ‘round~!

[Ramuda leaves]

Ichijiku: Hmph. Seems I’ve made a mistake, after all.


“Ramuda”: That bitch…I’ll kill her someday. No, not just her…all of humanity. Hehehe… hahaha… HAHAHAHAHA!!!