How To Hypnotize Someone To Love You?

How To Hypnotize Someone To Love You

How To Hypnotize Someone To Love You?

Here is what a program taught me to be a professional hypnotist. Also if you get the program ( the link for it is on the bottom of the article) it will give you more techniques to hypnotize someone and you will have a greater understanding. If you can’t do it after looking at this then you shouldn’t try it on a girl because you will look silly if you didn’t hypnotize them:
Step 1 is bold because it is the most important Instructions

  • Make the person sit comfortably in an armchair in a calm atmosphere. Do not ask him or her to lie down in the room as there are chances of the person falling asleep.
  • Keep the light in the room dim and start talking to the person in a soothing voice.
  • Ask your subject to close their eyes and take deep breaths.
  • Say phrases such as “Take deep breaths and relax your body” several times to the person you are trying to hypnotize.
  • Make your subject concentrate on different parts of the body by saying “Concentrate on your arms, feel your muscles getting loose.” Ask the person to concentrate.
  • Encourage your subject through positive statements.
  • Ask your subject about his or her problems or the hidden cause of a problem. In a state of trance, the person may reveal his or her worries.
  • Repeat the whole process for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Provide your subject with suggestions. See that you bypass the mental judgment of the subject with some creative advice.

Bring the subject back to normal. To do so, count from one to ten and ask your subject to open their eyes slowly. Make your voice a little less soothing while counting.

Notice the changes in the subject’s body. If the eyes are red or facial muscles flattened, breathing speed has changed or if their fingers are twitching, it will mean that the subject was hypnotized.

Discuss the experience of the whole session when the subject comes to a normal state.
Now I will warn you this takes a lot of practice and I think you would have to just learn through the program because it gives you a greater understanding and what if you can not hypnotize the person through this simple article? Just get the program and trust me I have Picked up girls through this by saying hey to you want to be hypnotized, then I hypnotize them, then I will use hypnosis to lean there mind into liking me and because it is kind of cool to be a hypnotist and with her kind of liking you through it, this will give you an edge on picking up a girl.