Does Audio Hypnosis Work?

Does Audio Hypnosis Work

Does Audio Hypnosis Work?

Yes, it Can be. The negative side of an audio recording is the Generalization of it. Often audio Hypnosis implies mp3s which have been recorded without any clarity about who all will be listening to it.

The catch here is that Hypnosis is (or at least Should be) a Very Personal Relationship between the hypnotist and the subject. When we hypnotize someone, we are aware of the sensitivities of the subject and can alter the induction based on the responses of the subject (breathing, swallowing of saliva, shifting a little, relaxing of the jaw… list continues)

All this is not possible in Audio Hypnosis

However, there is a powerful positive which can often over power these negatives… and that is ‘The subject feels in control as he/she is in his/her own space and has the power to stop/start whenever deemed right.

This often relaxes the subject more and hence the depth of trance increases.

So to get the best of both the worlds, many hypnotists (myself included) can often record a session for an existing subject… this can be really powerful and effective.

Hypnosis is a state of trance we unknowingly go into 100s of times a day. The difference with hypnotherapy and the recordings is that we use this state of trance as a means of letting ourselves ditch our conscious thoughts, allowing us to accept new instructions and affirm new beliefs.

Basically, you can listen to an audiobook telling you how great you are, but that means nothing if you don’t actually believe it. You can just as easily think “no i’m not”, and that’ll be just as true.

When you listen to audio hypnosis, you follow a series of techniques towards relaxing your body and your mind, with the intention of opening your subconscious mind to new information. Your subconscious mind is always listening (hence you wake up to an alarm clock), so it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember what is said or what happens. As long as you’re not consciously focusing on the suggestions, your subconscious mind will listen for them, and that is what we want to achieve. A good practice if you’re skeptical is to “pretend it will work”, because pretending is a mental technique similar to the visualization techniques used in hypnosis, which will make it more effective.

After that, 21 days is the suggested time to make a habit, so it’s suggested to use the same recording (or topic of recordings) 21 days in a row, to maximize the benefit. The habit being formed is a new belief, and when you regularly let your subconscious mind believe it, it will become a habit, and you can almost always believe it, so long as you let yourself.