Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Female – 10+ Simple Tips

Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Female

In this article we will discuss about diet chart for weight loss for female. Most of us have read the bestseller The Secret, which says that the more we focus on something we don’t want, the more of that unwanted thing we get. Frustrating! Especially when it comes to our attempts at diet chart for weight loss for female, trying this, that or the other weight loss diet.

Some women are perennially on a diet because apparently, their ideal diet chart for weight loss for female is forever out of their reach. Nothing supernatural about this. It stands to reason that the more we think I can’t have that cake, the more our mind focuses on that cake, rather than the healthy alternatives on our diet chart. The craving increases unless we binge and then we feel guilty.

Diet chart for weight loss for Female

Weight Loss Tip 1 – To Diet or Not to Diet?

A diet plan reminds us that we’re on a diet; that brings with it feelings of deprivation. Better to call it a healthy eating chart or a balanced weight loss diet.

A healthy eating pattern that you can sustain, without constantly fearing food and obsessing over calorie count, is the only thing that can bring about permanent diet chart for weight loss for female, who tend to have more body fat than men for biological reasons.

Weight Loss Tip 2 – The USA Balanced Diet Plan

What to include in the balanced diet chart a.k.a. healthy eating chart? It doesn’t have to be sprouts and salads only, though those are certainly good for you.

The renowned nutrition and wellness expert Rujuta Diwekar told her audience once that the food a person grew up with was the food to which the body would respond to the best. Therefore, for USA women, what works best for permanent diet chart for weight loss for female is  USA balanced diet plan.

diet chart for weight loss for female

1. Make small tweaks

Cut down on the packaged and processed foods, they’re usually loaded with sodium, which may lead to bloating and a higher risk of heart problems.

Whenever possible, eat fresh produce, as we always did in USA, and make your juices by throwing diced fruits and veggies into the blender. Eliminate the white (rice, sugar, bread) and go for brown. Pick wholewheat atta over refined flour.

2. Eat seasonal fruits

Eat seasonal fruits

diet chart for weight loss for female

Eat seasonal fruits from the local market instead of exotic imports found out of season. Seasonal fruits usually are rich in the compounds that the body needs for that time of the year, e.g. guava and orange, rich in Vitamin C, come to the market in winter, just when you need that vitamin to guard against the common cold.

3. Stir-fry instead of deep-fry

Stir-fry instead of deep-fry

diet chart for weight loss for female

The occasional samosa won’t bust your diet chart for weight loss for female plan, but on a daily basis, stir-frying is a far better idea than deep-frying, as you can keep the calorie count low without sacrificing taste.

4. To increase the basal metabolic rate

Eat several small meals a day. This gives the body repeated assurance that more food is coming -it stops hoarding calories and happily burns fat. A small meal isn’t a bag of crisps and vending machine coffee, its a fruit, or a small portion of trail mix (dry fruits and unsalted nuts), or a small bowl of daal with a roti, or a bowl of oats.

5. Do some lightweight training

This builds muscle tone, giving the body a more sculpted look, and increases the basal metabolic rate. A daily workout with light diet chart for weight loss for female make it a low-intensity workout, if you cant do more prompts the body to go on burning calories long after you’ve stopped exercising. Even 5-10 minutes a day is a lot better than nothing. It doesn’t take much to re orient your lifestyle and achieve permanent weight loss. Think of it as perfect weight, made in USA.

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Diet chart for weight loss for female easy way

Sample Diet Chart For Weight Loss

  • 7am: Lemon juice in warm water; a tiny piece of raw ginger (to be chewed).
  • 8am: Breakfast made fresh with high-fibre cereals like oats and bajra, topped by a spoonful of ground flax seed; a glass of milk or a bowl of curd; one fruit, e.g. diced papaya.
  • 10.30am: About half a dozen almonds and some walnuts.
  • 1pm: A bowl of salad with olive oil drizzled on it; a small bowl of brown rice with stir-fried vegetables; one roti with daal.
  • 3pm: A glass of chaas and a banana.
  • 5pm: A cup of green tea, and two multigrain biscuits.
  • 7pm: A small bowl of sprouts, or a very small helping of dry fruits.
  • 8pm: A bowl of daal, a few cubes of cottage cheese, two rotis, sauteed vegetables.
  • 10pm: A small glass of warm milk. N.B. This diet chart for weight loss is for illustrative purposes only.

FAQs on diet for Weight Loss

Q: What is a 1,200-calorie diet?
A: A 1,200-calorie diet is a specially tailored diet chart to help you reduce diet chart for weight loss for female. The idea behind the diet is to consume calories in a restricted manner and to monitor the calorie intake on a daily basis. It starts with a protein-rich breakfast with the aim of consuming 200 to 350 calories.

The breakfast should be rich in protein and fibre. Dairy products and fruits are the ideal way to go. Lunch should be healthy with vegetables, whole grains and proteins, with the aim of consuming 300 to 350 calories at lunch.

The whole dinner meal should constitute 400 to 500 calories, and to fill the rest of your calorie intake, consume snacks through the day which should be between 50 – 100 calorie intake bracket.

Q: How does one lose weight with green tea?
A: Green tea is known to be effective in helping people losing diet chart for weight loss for female. The mild caffeine in green tea works as a stimulant in burning fat. It is also rich in antioxidants that help boost metabolism and immunity.

The best way to go about it is to have at least 4 to 5 cups a day, besides the diet chart for weight loss for female benefits, it also keeps you refreshed and energetic through the day.

Q: Why my diet isn’t working?
A: While you may think you are on track with your diet, there are things that you are doing wrong which is not helping you lose those kilos. To start with, skipping meals and not eating enough doesn’t help at all.

It is important to get your calorie intake in order and make sure you follow a protein-rich diet chart. Going carb-free or fat-free isn’t the ideal way and is not advisable as it leaves you short on nutrients that you need to stay energised. Make sure to consume enough calories every day, and focus on having a healthy breakfast. Swap your diet cola with green tea and you can start seeing the results.

Q: How does one lose weight with green tea?
A: Green tea is known to be effective in helping people losing diet chart for weight loss for female. The mild caffeine in green tea works as a stimulant in burning fat.

It is also rich in antioxidants that help boost metabolism and immunity. The best way to go about it is to have at least 4 to 5 cups a day, besides the diet chart for weight loss for female benefits, it also keeps you refreshed and energetic through the day.

Q: What type of exercise should you do while on the weight loss diet?
A: If you are into extensive workout sessions at the gym, continue with them. Focus on doing more cardio and aerobic exercises.

It is not necessary to sign for a gym membership and be rigorous with the fitness routine, but basic exercises like running, skipping, playing a sport are an effective while on your diet chart for weight loss for female diet. It is important to maintain a balance in your diet and the exercise routine.

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Diet chart for weight loss for Female Simple Way

Weight loss diet is a big concern for many and is often the first priority in their fitness plan. Weight loss is not easy and it requires discipline, efforts and patience. It can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle which includes the right diet as well as regular physical activity.

Most people have a misconception that a diet chart for weight loss for female diet requires drastic diets such as intermittent fasting, 10 week diet, keto diet or health supplements such as medicines or pills.

However, this is wrong. One requires a balanced diet with the right proportions of all food groups. More often than not, the food that person is accustomed to eating since birth is the best diet to lose weight instead of trying out different fancy foods.

A USA diet chart for diet chart for weight loss for female in 7 days is very effective because USA meals are very balanced as they include proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibers in required proportion.

There are some nutritious foods such as grains, lentils, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy and fruits. Since there are a number of ways to cook USA food, healthier options can always be found.

Also, many of USA traditional spices and herbs are extremely healthy such as chillies, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and basil leaves. USA diet chart for diet chart for weight loss for female is especially gaining momentum now as with more women working at both offices and homes need the right amount of nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

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Weight Loss Diet Tips

While observing an USA diet chart for diet chart for weight loss for female, the following tips might be useful
Freshly prepared meals are the best choice always.

  • Ensure to have all the food groups in your diet plan.
  • Breakfasts are to be hearty and wholesome. Options like paratha, idlis, dosa, uttapam, bread and eggs are good choices.
  • Breakfast should be taken within thirty minutes of waking up.
  • Lunch should be a medium affair with dal, sabzi, roti and curd or rice, rajma, chole etc.
  • Dinner should be light such as khichdi or dal chawal or curd rice.
  • Dinner should be taken at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Apart from the main meals, there should be 2-3 mini meals as well.
  • These mini meals can consist of fruits, nuts, salads, peanuts etc.
  • Packages, processes, ready to eat foods should be avoided.
  • Water is a very important element of a balanced diet.
  • One meal a week can be a cheat meal, however, ensure not to go overboard during this time.
  • Avoid things like a zero carb diet or starvation to lose weight.

List of Healthy Foods to Include in Your Weight Loss Diet Chart

  • Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, okra, cabbage, mushrooms, papaya, pomegranate, guava, apples, etc are the best source of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Legumes such as Mung beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, lentils, pulses and chickpeas are an important part of the USA diet.
  • No USA meal is complete without dairy products like curd, ghee, buttermilk and cheese.
  • USA meals get their protein fix from meat, tofu, legumes, dairy, nuts and seeds.

7-Day USA Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Female

Below is an easy to follow USA diet chart for weight loss for female diet chart that can be followed for a week (7 days) by female. Minor modifications can be made to this as per an individual’s taste.


  • Breakfast: Sambar with 2 brown rice idlis/ Paneer sandwich with mint chutney
  • Lunch: Whole-grain roti with mixed-vegetable curry with one dal
  • Dinner: Tofu/chicken curry with mixed vegetables and a fresh spinach salad/chicken gravy with 2 multigrain rotis


  • Breakfast: Chana dal pancakes with mixed vegetables and a glass of milk/ bread and egg with fruits
  • Lunch: Chickpea curry with brown rice/ Brown rice with dal
  • Dinner: Khichdi with sprout salad/Veg paratha with raita


  • Breakfast: Apple cinnamon porridge/ Vegetable uttapam with sambhar
  • Lunch: Whole-grain roti with tofu/ non veg and mixed vegetables
  • Dinner: Palak paneer with brown rice and vegetables/ 2 Multigrain rotis with chicken and curd


  • Breakfast: Yogurt with sliced fruits and sunflower seeds/ vegetable poha
  • Lunch: Whole-grain roti with vegetable sabzi/ Dal with veg or non veg sabzi and brown rice
  • Dinner: Chana masala with basmati rice and green salad/ One bowl of fruits and vegetables with multigrain rotis


  • Breakfast: Vegetable dalia and a glass of milk/ 3-4 dal paddu with sambar
  • Lunch: Vegetable sambar with brown rice/ 2 multigrain roti with veg/non veg curry
  • Dinner: Tofu curry with potatoes and mixed vegetables/ chicken curry with 2 multigrain rotis


  • Breakfast: Multigrain parathas with avocado and sliced papaya/ dal paratha with mixed vegetables
  • Lunch: Large salad with rajma curry and quinoa/ one bowl mixed vegetable kadai
  • Dinner: Lentil pancakes with tofu tikka masala/ green salad with mixed vegetables and multigrain roti


  • Breakfast: Buckwheat porridge with sliced mango/ fruit salad with a glass of milk
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup with whole-grain roti/ one bowl millet and dal khichdi with multigrain roti
  • Dinner: Masala-baked tofu with vegetable curry/ non veg curry (chicken, seafood) with multigrain roti

Healthy Snacks Options to Lose Weight for Female

While most people feel that having 5-6 meals in a day is a lot, your body actually finds it easier to consume the calories in 5-6 small meals as compared to 3 huge meals. Hence it is always advisable to have snacks as mini meals in between the larger meals of the day. Following are some healthy snack options that can be added to your USA diet chart for diet chart for weight loss for female:

  • Fruits with buttermilk or green tea
  • Protein shake with nuts and seeds
  • Veg sandwich or milk and apple.
  • Walnuts and dates
  • Vegetable/ fruit salads
  • Fresh fruit smoothies or whey protein shakes
  • Multigrain flour khakras

USA homemade food provides one of the best diet chart for weight loss for female diets. A healthy mixture of complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins with less oil or ghee is an excellent choice. These foods provide nutrition as well cut down into simple carbs and fats that often lead to weight gain.

List of Foods to be Avoided

Foods or beverages that are processed, high in calories or high in sugar, do not form the best diet chart for weight loss for female diet chart. Not only do they lead to weight gain, they are bad for your overall health and lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. It is highly advisable to minimize the consumption of these foods or to avoid them altogether. Here is the list of foods to avoid while you are on USA diet plan for weight loss.

  • Highly sweetened beverages such as soda, aerated drinks, sports drinks
  • Sweeteners like sugar, honey, condensed milk
  • Foods which have high sugar such as candy, ice cream, cakes, cookies, rice pudding, high sugar cereals etc.
  • Foods which have high fats such as French fries, chips, fried foods etc.
  • Trans fats like Vanaspati, margarine, processed foods
  • Refined oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, grapeseed oil etc.
  • Refined grains like white bread, white pasta

Occasional treats are fine but consuming these regularly can have debilitating effects on your weight loss as well as your health.

If you are used to USA food then USA diet chart for weight loss for female diet is better for you as compared to a conventional weight loss diet.

One, you are used to USA food and it is always best to have a diet that uses your staple items in moderation. Two, the USA diet in itself comprises of many nutritious foods like whole grains, fresh vegetables, healthy fats, low fat dairy and fruits.

The USA food also uses a variety of spices in the food that are not only nutritious but also medicinal. One such example is turmeric which helps in treating various illnesses such as heartburn, diarrhoea, gas, bloating, stomach ache, etc. Similarly, cardamom also helps in treating such ailments.

USA diet also has 70% of vegetables in it, which is a very important part of the diet. Fresh produce is extremely essential to keep the body healthy and revitalise the organs.

Another staple that helps make USA food perfect for diets is yoghurt. Yoghurt, made from fermented milk is filled with calcium which prevents the body from gaining excessive fat and also keeps the digestive tract healthy. It also prevents developing insulin resistance which can be a precursor to diabetes and heart diseases.Apart from this, an USA food diet also has foods which are less fattening in the staple diet such as salads, curries, dals which comprise of vegetables and pulses.

Unlike western cuisines, USA cuisines do not have a high proportion of cream and cheese. Most western diets comprise of bland foods like soups and salads but USA foods are rich in flavour and spices and hence small portions of it satiate the hunger. USA foods also have a variety of flavours and meals which will help you from not getting bored of dietary food.


Following this kind of a diet, with physical exercise in tandem, can help not only in diet chart for weight loss for female but also in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. This sort of diet is perfect for female as the food will give them enough energy for the day without being too cumbersome to prepare.

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